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The Whirlpool models 1116 and 1117 are designated to provide treatment of the lower and upper limbs. The massage is applied with angle-adjustable 4 wall-mounted jets. Depending on the area to be treated, the patient can sit on either a high or low chair and place his limbs inside the tank. The two models feature different capacities: 370 litres for the 1116 model and 200 litres for the 1117 model respectively. These whirlpools can be optionally equipped with electronic panel regulating: working time, filling level (models 1116E, 1117E).

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Whirlpool 1116E is designed to provide the treatment for lower limbs. Massage is performed with 4 nozzles with adjustable outflow water stream mounted on the wall of the tub. The electronic control unit helps to easyly operate the whirlpool, allowing automatic filling of water to the desired level, turn off the unit after treatment time and to safeguard against damage to the pump bath (the so-called. “dry-working”). Additionally, thanks to two levels of filling (half / full bath), there is a possibility for limiting water consumption. Treatments for lower limbs are made by using a high chair.


  • hand shower,
  • nozzle system with adjustable outflow water stream (4 nozzles)
  • height adjustable for legs
  • two filling levels (120 and 235 liters)
  • touch control panel


Equipment 1116E
4 nozzles with adjustable outflow water stream YES
Hand shower YES
Passive pearl massage option
Semi-automatic drain YES
Filling system with electronic thermometer YES
Touch control panel YES
Timer YES
Pump “dry-working” protection YES
Thermostatic valve
Disinfection system option
Whirlpool chair BETA YES

Dane techniczne:

 Capacity: 235 l  Length: 1380 mm  Width: 580 mm  Height: 880 mm


The whole hydrotherapy produced in our company can be adjusted to your requirements. This includes retrofitting in standard and non-standard systems, changes in the quantities of nozzles or combining them into sections according to your preferences. If you wish to adapt the bath to your needs, please contact us.
All baths companies Technomex have a 3-year warranty with professional servicing.

Accessories and colors

Colours of the devices manufactured by Technomex are consistent with RAL color palette. It is possible to order equipment in one or two colors (inner – bowl, outer – housing). The list below is a list of standard colors, option may be ordered in any RAL color.