Almagro – Sualtı Masaj Küveti – 01.501.091

This underwater massage tub allows a form of classic massage to be performed in the water. Combining the unweighting function with optimum regulation of water temperature, the tub helps the patient to relax allowing a more effective treatment to be performed.


ALMAGRO tub is designed for underwater massage treatment. Combining the unweighting function with optimum regulation of water temperature, the tub helps the patient to relax allowing a more effective treatment to be performed. Optimum stimulation is achieved by proper adjustment of water stream when massaging a specific area of patient’s body. The dimensions of the tub ensure easy access during treatments. The treatment can be done with help of hose with interchangeable tips (pressure control 0-5,5 bar). In addition, Almagro model is equipped with 8 side and 6  spine jets with nozzles directed at the spine (optional Almagro Basic). The parameters can be controlled with the touch screen control panel.

  • Nozzle system for automatic underwater massage (8 side, 6 spine)
  • Pearl bath system – 14×5 jets
  • Touch screen control panel,
  • Two filling levels 120 and 240 liters,
  • Automatic electronically controlled water drain,
  • Automatic filling (for 2 levels),
  • Hand shower,
  • Hose for underwater massage with interchangeable tips
  • Innovative overflow protectioned filling system.


Equipment ALMAGRO
Automatic underwater massage – 8 side jets YES
Automatic underwater massage – 6 spine jets YES
Pearl bath system – 14×5 jets YES
Disinfection system option
Chromotherapy option
Disinfection system option
System of keeping temperature/heating up the water in the tub option
Hand shower YES
Hose for underwater massage with 3 interchangeable tips YES
Side hand rails YES
Touch control panel YES
Automatic filling system YES
Automatic set of required water level YES
Automatic release of water – Electronic controlled YES
Automatic switch off after time of treatment YES
Pump “dry-working” protection YES
Failure and phase sequence change protection YES
Overload protection YES
Stair for easy climbing into the tub YES


Technical data:
 Capacity: 240 l  Length: 2200 mm  Width: 950 mm  Height: 980 mm



The whole hydrotherapy produced in our company can be adjusted to your requirements. This includes retrofitting in standard and non-standard systems, changes in the quantities of nozzles or combining them into sections according to your preferences. If you wish to adapt the bath to your needs, please contact us.
All baths companies Technomex have a 3-year warranty with professional servicing.


Accessories and colors

Colours of the devices manufactured by Technomex are consistent with RAL color palette. It is possible to order equipment in one or two colors (inner – bowl, outer – housing). The list below is a list of standard colors, option may be ordered in any RAL color.


Before delivery of equipment is required to prepare by user’s side the space for installation, through the provision of electric mains connections, water outflow and valves according to assembly scheme DTR for the specific device. Note – in order to properly adjust to room conditions and facilitate operation you can select the side of the apparatus is to be mounted switch.